14 de diciembre de 2023




I only obey divine commands.

    FIRST of all, I want to explain my absence for almost two months without posting a devotional. Among the many personal obligations that I have, this semester at the university has been very dense, and if I want to perform adequately, I must concentrate my thoughts on doing good work, since, in theological studies today, a lot will depend on what I teach tomorrow. However, I cannot deny that every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, my desire to write demanded the need to return to study the truths that the Holy Spirit speaks in my ear. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the title of this one is: “impossible to shut up” because inside me, the need to do so boiled. Because the owner of this gift of writing, the Holy Spirit, makes every pore of my body breathe before the desire to speak the greatest truth in the world: “Heavenly Father loves us and is longing to have an intimate and personal relationship with each one of us".

“But Peter and John replied: Is it right before God to obey you instead of him? Judge for yourselves!”

Acts 4, 19

Let us pray together: Heavenly Father, I long for the presence of your grace in my life. My Holy God, I stand before your altar to confess who I am, but, at the same time, and despite my sin, I recognise that if it were not for the blood of Christ, today I would be lost and without any possibility, therefore, a thousand thank you for salvation and eternal life.

In the first verse, we find the wise response from the apostles to their accusers. It would be prudent to remember that they are before the Sanhedrin because they have healed a handicapped person in the Name of Jesus of Nazareth and that they, that is, the council of religious, wish to silence them and prevent them from healing any more in the Name of Jesus. Hence, they, Peter and John, demanded that it is not fair to disobey God and therefore, if they were willing, they should become judges, even over God's decisions.

“We cannot stop talking about what we have seen and heard.”

Acts 4, 20

Let us pray together: Jesus of Nazareth, if you tell me to move forward, I will. If you ask me to stop, I will. If you ask me to climb a mountain, I will do it. If in any case, you ask me to descend an abyss, I will do the same because I have studied your examples in the Bible and I know that your obedience to the Father led you to the death and with it, the triumph over death, hell and Satan. Amen.

During these two months, I have not been silent for a single moment about the Kingdom of Heaven. Although it seems like a lot of time and that we have all the time in the world, in reality, life is too short to ignore a lifetime of constant blessings from God. Finally, when one has a true and fruitful relationship with Jesus of Nazareth, it is impossible to keep silent about this truth so that many other people come to know him and with it, all human beings enjoy the blessing of being children of God.

God bless you. Remember to share this text with as many people as possible.


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God bless you and always bring revelation into your life of the Mind of Christ already in you.

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