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Harvests are lost due to a lack of knowledge of the times.

    HOW LONG have you been waiting for an answer from God about a specific prayer? In the book of Galatians, the Apostle Paul clarifies that if we do not get tired of doing good, let's say pray, seek God, cry out, fast and/or work for that blessing (be careful, I'm not saying that we have to help God), in due time we will reap the harvest. In any case, in the middle part of the text, the Apostle recognises the possibility of fainting while waiting for that answer. And it is very natural for human beings to despair because of the answer that does not come. Let us consider nothing more closely than the fact that depression manifests itself by living anchored to the past; In the same way, anxiety is experienced because one does not have confidence in the future. Therefore, this makes us understand that our inability to wait for God's response leads us to live in extreme situations and in many cases, we miss out on the blessing itself because we are not in the place and moment of the blessing. Here it is worth remembering that God is never late, much less he is ahead. In any case and with complete certainty, God always arrives and gives his answer on time.

“Then, after threatening them, they released them, not finding any way to punish them, for the sake of the people, because they all glorified God for what had been done, since the man on whom this miracle of healing had been done had more forty years old!”

Acts 4, 21-22

Let us pray together: Heavenly Father, only your grace, love and mercy are what sustains us day after day. On certain occasions, we feel like giving up on the goals and objectives we have set for ourselves. Sadly, we thus miss out on the blessing designed by you for each of us. Therefore, in the Name of Jesus of Nazareth, we ask you to give us the strength to wait for the opportune time of your blessing.

Possibly this man was waiting for the blessing of being healthy for at least thirty-five years. I put this date considering that as a child, he would have been aware of his difficulties walking around the age of five when he could not go out to the yard to run with his friends or play ball as he normally would. Perhaps, from that moment on, he would begin to cry out to God for healing. As expected, this human being, not seeing that miracle fulfilled, only had the option of following the mandates of the system: begging to live and being an outcast, without job or family opportunities that would help him enjoy life. But, God had never forgotten about him, much less the prayers he made daily at the door of Solomon's Temple, the place where they took him to beg.

“When they were released, they came to their people and told everything that the chief priests and elders had told them.”

Acts 4, 23

Let us pray together: Jesus of Nazareth, you have manifested yourself again and again. The best thing is that you never stop surprising us. Please Jesus Christ, just as through the apostles you raised a human being from an unworthy condition, I ask you to observe and fulfil all the cries that I make before you for each of my children, my partner, my home and of each of my family members, so that we may have a personal and intimate encounter with you and thus enjoy a dignified life, just as you wish us to have, guided and instructed by your Holy Spirit. Amen.

There is a truth, as a theologian, you can refute all my questions. However, one can never deny the miracles that God has done in my life: he has restored my marriage a couple of times or three times, and, my children are well and healthy today. He healed me from a heart attack. He is healing me from diabetes. It has supported me financially in impossible times, I have experienced death as a solution to health problems in people I love. Therefore, today and just as the apostles did, I run to you to tell you what has happened. I do it through these writings, daily prayers, through theological tips, through the videos I make, through preaching in churches and so on, a very long etc...

I only hope that this message questions our way of thinking and that we change so that we see the power of Christ manifested in each of us through his Holy Spirit and His Mind acting in each of us.

God bless you. Remember to share this text with as many people as possible.


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God bless you and always bring revelation into your life of the Mind of Christ that is already in you.

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