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Arguing with fools or people who do not want to listen is the worst investment we can make.


                                       THE haters are the term used in social networks for those who only criticize with the desire to destroy and not to build, they are also capable of defame, gossip, and prove their own truths with lies. All this, haters do with the intention of stealing a person's good reputation and thus taking away their prestige. Obviously within this gigantic world, I have been a victim of these haters, but what I learned was that the silence of a few thousand daily is more approving than the hatred of a few. Unfortunately, within the congregations it turns out to be the same, there are many ministers who despise others and do not accept their teaching style, for example. Even if we can use despotic words to belittle ourselves, we certainly will. This action leaves us in the same line of the haters and of course, in that of the Scribes and Pharisees who condemned Jesus of Nazareth.


"And immediately all the people, seeing him, were amazed, and running to him, greeted him."

Mark 9. 15


Within that group that ran to greet the Master, were the haters, the Scribes, and the Pharisees. All those who want to despise us, the first thing they will do is greet us and with lying lips, they will try to praise us to make us feel good and important. They will run to meet us; they will be subscribed to our social networks and they will activate the notification bell just to be able to continue with their morbid and harmful lifestyles. I reiterate, the best we can do is move on from them well, it is not worth arguing with them.


"He asked them: What do you dispute with them?"

Mark 9. 16



I really like these words of Jesus Christ, when reading them I understand the spirit behind them, it is as if he were saying to the disciples: “I have not taught them that it is not worth being in contention with fools and with those who do not want to listen. Come on please, don't waste your time with them, let us see what is happening”. To be idle is to devote valuable time to leisure. Jesus Christ taught us that being idle allows us to open doors to the adversary that we should never have allowed. Having a close relationship with the Holy Spirit will keep us free from leisure and of course from opening those unnecessary doors to the haters and religious of our time, since it is not worth arguing with them.


God bless you.






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God bless you and always bring revelation into your life of the Mind of Christ that is already in you.


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