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Being grateful and enjoying what you have is living at ease with what you have, but knowing that things will improve.



                                        THE train was passed, says the Hispanic saying for people who did not marry. When I have been able to share with people who live a single lifestyle, I usually ask them: what led them to have this lifestyle? And digging a little deeper you can see their demands on future couples. These types of people are apparently looking for the perfect individual to suit them. This in itself shows a high degree of selfishness, because they are not willing to give up their mentality and in reality, they do not want their privacy space to be invaded even by a human being that they want to love. In the same way, when a person tells me that he does not listen to God, that he does not know the heart of God and that he will not pay the price of living an intimate life with God, I understand his selfishness. This feeling does not allow us to see that God speaks in thousands of ways, that he sends us direct and indirect messages on matters relevant to us and that God is always watching over us.



"But I tell you that Elijah has already come, and they did whatever they wanted to him, as it is written about him."

Mark 9. 13


The people of Israel had for many years the very presence of the Most High. However, this fact was not enough to fully consecrate themselves to God, but, hidden in their false rituals and taking religiosity to an unattainable extreme, they made God their exclusive God and did not share it with the surrounding nations. This fact, a selfish act in itself, did not allow them to see that the power and spirit of Elijah that they also expected to see, had already taken place right under their noses. They did not even know that John the Baptist is clothed with the same power, authority and spirit as the prophet Elijah.


"When he got to where his disciples were, he saw a great crowd around them, and scribes arguing with them."

Mark 9. 14



God has not stopped speaking to human beings. God is always aware of the problems of humanity. It is not worth getting into false discussions with those who, having the opportunity to be with God himself, hide in their religiosity and pseudo-holy lifestyle, so as not to deal with other people because they are not worthy of them. Jesus Christ both in his ministerial time, on the Cross and now sitting on the throne of God, has taught us to give without expecting anything in return, another teaching has been the need to perfect the law to bring the individual closer to God. Please, let's not hinder people, let's get away from selfishness and get closer to God and let this approach bring with it, more soul for God.


God bless you.




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God bless you and always bring revelation into your life of the Mind of Christ that is already in you.

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