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Believe and have faith are ambiguous and sometimes confused words.



                                       ACCORDING to the RAE, believing is defined as follows: Having something for certain without knowing it directly or without it being verified or proven. Also, the RAE defines faith as the set of beliefs of a religion. The apostle Paul defined faith as follows: faith, then, is the certainty of what is hoped for, the conviction of what is not seen. K. Barth, a Swiss theologian, defined faith as the body of knowledge in God that brings us closer to living the reality of the kingdom of heaven. So, we can understand that the gap between belief and faith is very miniscule, but there is a difference. By quintessential all human beings need to believe and have faith. The key question is: in whom is our faith placed? What do we really believe? By being able to clearly define these answers, we will live a heavenly fallacy or quite the opposite, we will live according to the will of God.


“And many times, he throws him into the fire and into the water, to kill him; but if you can do something, have mercy on us, and help us. "

Mark 9. 22



Today the entire humanity is living without hope or without faith. We believe that things will change however we still do not see the results. But the truth is even simpler, the world will not change until each of us changes, depositing the faith and belief that God will change our world, in this way, we can be faithful witnesses to the power and manifestation of the kingdom of God. the heavens. By changing our natural mindset for the Mind of Christ, we will transform our reality for the truth that Christ offers to humanity. We are that light and salt that the Earth awaits. We are the children of God who must manifest his power and thus harmonize creation again, just as the Spirit of God did in Genesis and as Jesus Christ did on the Cross of Calvary, defeating the adversary and darkness.


"Jesus said to him: If you can believe, everything is possible to him who believes.?"


Mark 9. 23



I know it is easier said or written in this case than it is to do it. Living believing that the faith we have in God will make it possible for us to get out of this hell is not so plausible, but by acting according to the guidance of the Spirit of Christ, over time or perhaps, instantaneously, our world will change. We believe and trust in the power of God, knowing that he will act in our lives.


God bless you.




God bless you and bring revelation into your life of the Mind of Christ that is already in you. Remember to acquire the book: "HOW TO UNDERSTAND THAT PRIESTHOOD PRODUCES IN ME MAN", through this link:





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God bless you and always bring revelation into your life of the Mind of Christ that is already in you.

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