4 de julio de 2021




Everything that happens to us within divine purposes blesses us.

ON a certain occasion I lacked the confidence of a good friend; trying to do more for others, she did it her way and on at least three occasions she made arbitrary decisions. Therefore, the council of church leaders as cruel judges and executioners acted and I, instead of supporting it, made my point too critical and without consideration to put love first. So after that day and almost thirty years I lost a good friend and learned a lesson from a sad perspective.

"And when they sat at the table, while they were eating, Jesus said: Truly I tell you that one of you, who eats with me, is going to deliver me up."

Mark 14. 18

The bad news of the exchange of the Son of God for some silver coins had already made a stir in heaven, now it was time to confess it in front of the rest of the disciples. Christ did not intend at that moment to ridicule Judas, who would deliver him, but to publicly manifest to hell that he was aware of what they were trying to do with Peter and Judas. God has everything under control and no detail of our lives has escaped him and even if we fail him or at times we do “Judas”, God is not surprised.

“Then they began to be saddened, and to say to him one by one: Will it be me? And the other: Will it be me?"

Mark 14. 19

Nobody wants to be in the middle of bad news, nor be the collateral protagonist of it. Bad news like betrayal is always heartbreaking. As much as Jesus was God, as a human being, it was time to experience the “Suffering Messiah” that Isaiah spoke eight hundred centuries earlier. Everything that the Word of God speaks of us and of course of his Beloved Church, must be fulfilled, because God is not a man to lie and does not speak to waste time. When God says yes, he will be a yes and never a maybe. When God closes a door, there is nothing in creation that can open it. This is the mighty God we have.

God bless you.


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God bless you and always bring revelation into your life of the Mind of Christ that is already in you.

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