8 de julio de 2021




Where is the limit of discretion?

A person who usually attracts attention through scandals, is considered to have a lack of love and acceptance for himself from there, that his way of being always causes him a show or a drama in which everyone has to watch and participate. However, Christians are called to live from scandal to scandal. Let us imagine that God favours us with the Gift of extraordinary healing, we would be like the apostle Peter and Paul that people took out cloths and / or wished that the shadow would cover them for their healing! Please, how scandalous we would be. Another way to be scandalous is to give ourselves in sacrifice for others, but that merit is exclusive to Christ.

"When they had sung the hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives."

Mark 14. 26

We must prepare ourselves in everything for any act that we are going to do. It is not enough to wish it, we will have to invoke the Holy Spirit so that his company guides and instructs us. Well, that is one of his functions, to accompany us in everything that God has arranged for us in his divine plans. Jesus Christ did it at that time by invoking the Father with that chorus, he was preparing for the greatest scandal not only of his life, but of all humanity.

“Then Jesus said to them: You will all be offended by me tonight; for it is written: I will strike the shepherd, and the sheep will be scattered.”

Mark 14. 27

Contrary to what we can consider the scandalous deeds of Christ, he gave us eternal freedom. That scandal of Christ did not drive away the sheep, in any case, it gave life to what we know today as his Church. For acts like these, we can seriously consider being scandalous that we do the will of God to extend his kingdom and be useful vessels in the midst of his hands and thus, allow them to add more scandalous that we make the Kingdom of God great. 

God bless you


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