3 de julio de 2021




Working only under God's command gives us time for everything.

AS human beings we tend to look at what we lack instead of enjoying what we already have. There are so many blessings that surround us that we make them habitual, in such a way that it becomes everyday or common. By becoming common we despise it or treat it with disdain. The work for God and I do not mean to work as a minister of God, but of those actions that we do to listen to him and obey him. Tasks as simple as when we hear him tell us to smile or give a hug to a stranger. Therefore, it is important to know that what we are doing is a direct mandate given by God.

“His disciples went and entered the city, and found what he had told them; and they prepared the Passover."

Mark 14. 16

Fortunately, these two disciples fully complied with the mandate of Jesus Christ. The supposed stranger handed over the house without any qualms. Unintentionally this third party was a key piece in the divine mandate. The disciples rose to the occasion. They knew how to listen and obey.

"And when night came, he came with the twelve."

Mark 14. 17

Two responsible, obedient, productive people, guided by the Holy Spirit, do much more than an entire army of unmotivated and disobedient individuals. Although these two disciples worked together to prepare everything necessary for the Lord's Supper, they met without impediment all the requirements of doing things with excellence and love enough for Jesus Christ to say goodbye and see the last mandates of his life, before to give his life in sacrifice. And what are we doing and how are we doing it to extend the kingdom of heaven?

God bless you.


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God bless you and always bring revelation into your life of the Mind of Christ that is already in you.

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