15 de julio de 2021






We try so hard simply because we don't know how to listen to God's voice.



                                                LIFE is very short and very simple, but we are the ones who complicate it. For example: Who sent us to have the job we have today? Do we ask God and listen to his response to be in the church to which we currently belong? Without wanting to put the finger in the wound, but honestly the couple that we have was the ideal help that God gave us? And so, we could reflect on everything that surrounds us in life. In many cases, we will find that the answers will affirm us and others will make us rethink our lifestyle and redirect everything that, believing that we listened to God, in reality we did what we wanted and thus, we did not get to be aligned really with the sky. We are human beings and it is part of our humanity to make mistakes, if to this we add that within our opinion we consider that our thoughts and desires are the same as God, we are going astray. How many times have we started an activity in the church without taking God into account? And, as a consequence, we come to consider that God has to support this activity, but honestly, would God have to support us in everything we do following our own will and not God's?


"Again he went and prayed, saying the same words."

Mark 14. 39

Jesus Christ is in one of the most decisive moments of his life. He is anguished, depressed and with his soul in his hands, he cries out to God the Father that it is possible to pass that bad moment from him, although he knows that it will not be possible. He can only trust that his disciples are giving the size in what he entrusted to them: prayer and fasting for at least one more hour. But the sad reality that he will find is very different from what he was expecting.


“When he returned, he again found them sleeping, because their eyes were heavy with sleep; and they did not know what to answer him.”


Mark 14. 40


And it is so, in life we ​​are going to find facts that we will not know what to answer for. For example: if the speed limit is 120 km / h, why are we going to 150? If God did not call us to advise, why are we advising more when they have not asked us for advice? Moreover, if God has not called us to be pastors but evangelizers, then why are we spending gifts that do not belong to us? Now, the best thing will be that what God gave us, let's start working on it, they are excellence. Let us be guided by the Holy Spirit, because he puts willing as doing and let the Mind of Christ guide and instruct us, so very surely, Jesus Christ will find us watching and praying no matter how tired and exhausted we are.


God bless you.





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God bless you and always bring revelation into your life of the Mind of Christ that is already in you.




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