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Without a doubt, all our decisions will have their consequences.




                                                WE can continue to live the lifestyle that we are leading, perhaps for some without any consequences. However, for others, the accumulation of their bad decisions will lead them to continue living the hell in which they have chosen to be. In the hands of each one of us is the option to choose between what we want to live. We have been talking about the offering that Mary presented to Jesus of Nazareth, a bottle of Nard perfume which was to prepare him for her death. It's like when my mother-in-law got sick, she asked us for a garden while she was still alive and not when she had left and that's how it was. Returning to the biblical example, we will see that at the same moment that Mary offered that Nard, Judas Iscariot decided to deliver the Son of God to those who apparently would be his executioners, these decisions and actions were made in memory of both, Mary and Judas reaped the fruits of their actions both good and bad.

"Truly I say to you that wherever this gospel is preached, throughout the world, what she has done will also be told in memory of her."

Mark 14. 9

This eschatological promise about the memory of Mary is being fulfilled at this precise moment, since we have the opportunity to be talking about a person who did not spare what he possessed and who faithfully obeyed the command of the Holy Spirit who revealed to him, the near death of his great childhood friend, Jesus of Nazareth.


"Then Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve, went to the chief priests to deliver it to him."

                                                                                                         Mark 14. 10

On the other hand, we have the bad testimony of Judas in delivering Christ. Let me put a bit of context on this matter: Judas belonged to a dissident group who wanted to expel the Romans from the lands of Israel; to do so, they would use violence if necessary. Another ugly testimony in the life of Judas is that he took money from the ministry of Jesus Christ, apparently to finance the group that he belonged to. Jesus tried to correct this bad habit of Judas on several occasions, but he never wanted to change. Perhaps, seeing that Maria supposedly squandered $2000 on the Master, this was the trigger to go to negotiate for his life. Therefore, the part that Mary took was eternal honour on the part of God and the part that Judas took was disgrace, both on the part of human beings and on the part of God. So what part will each of us take away?

God bless you.


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God bless you and always bring revelation into your life of the Mind of Christ that is already in you.

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