18 de junio de 2021




No time was better.

HOW would we act if we knew that this would be our last week of life? I have been remembering when my mother-in-law went into the presence of God almost five years ago. She had never experienced an experience like this, she went into surgery for a biopsy and a month later we found ourselves with the last week of her life. That week was honestly very intense for the whole family: every day there were video conferences, she remarried my father-in-law (they were separated), said goodbye to her best friends, there were serenades, visits almost until the day when her life went out. She was clear about her priority in life and because she had decided to believe Jesus Christ and had the full assurance that we would see each other in eternity to worship God together, under this conviction, three days before I said goodbye to her, before she was sedated and entered a deep coma. But there is the promise being fulfilled that says: And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your thoughts in Christ Jesus.

"But woe to those who are pregnant, and to those who are nursing in those days!"

Mark 13. 17

What exactly will the eschatological facts that we will experience be like? What will happen precisely on that day when Christ appears? That definitely I leave to the sovereignty of God and I will simply accept it, in such a way as my mother-in-law faced her final destiny; I remember the time she asked me to stop praying for her healing, because she accepted that it was her time to be with God and that she also loved that moment and did not want me to be frustrated that I was praying for her miraculous healing and not seeing her. I also have to say my answer: "mother-in-law, I respect your decision, but you cannot ask me that, because until the moment of your departure, I will continue praying for you."

“Pray, then, that your flight is not in winter; for those days will be of tribulation such as has never been from the beginning of the creation that God created, until this time, nor will there be."

Mark 13. 18-19

Honestly, I do not like to give pessimistic messages, but I do not like to lie about what I should say, that is how it will happen to us in the times to come. But we do not have to fear. Let us affirm our relationship with God and put our faith in God that he is faithful and true. God is not a man to lie, there will never be another equal time, both the present and the one to come. Therefore, we live as if tomorrow were the last, let's preach the Gospel of Christ and let others know about God's love for all humanity.

God bless you.



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