24 de junio de 2021







24 hours a day is perfect, everything else is added.




                                                IT is very easy to entertain ourselves and breaking this vicious cycle is not easy at all. For example, doing a marathon of series on Netflix and thus, we spend the whole afternoon and part of the night at best. I'm not saying this to criticize because the first to drop the water would be me, well, it's easy for me to see all the Marvel movies. The question for these times would be: how is Christ going to find us at the moment of his return for the beloved Church? We can make a small list when considering sport as entertainment, but extra work obligations would be too. The activities of the churches without the clear objective of evangelization, are part of that wasting time; in short ... Knowing the exact point to not be entertained or wasting time, is something that arises as a divine gift. In these days I spoke about being qualified in the times as the Children of Issachar who knew how to guide the people of God and all obeyed them, this is time to put it into practice so that Christ can find us properly.


"But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels who are in heaven, nor the Son, but the Father.”

Mark 13. 32




And since we cannot say exactly when the manifestation of Christ will be, for that very reason, our lifestyle and attitude must always be ready to invest and extend the kingdom of heaven. To be in God's business is to be denied leisure. It is not being entertained but willing to properly invest our gifts and talents, because we do not know exactly when the Lord will come and we will have to give him justification for everything we have done so far.


“Look, watch and pray; because you don't know when the time will be. "

Mark 13. 33






Behold,  watch and pray it would be a good way to be waiting for Christ. This does not mean being full of activities to keep you entertained. It therefore means being alert to meet the expectations of the kingdom of heaven and the manifestation of the children of God on creation. Behold, watch and pray, this is how Christ should find us ...

God bless you.




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God bless you and always bring revelation into your life of the Mind of Christ that is already in you.





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