17 de junio de 2021





Let's live each day as if it were the last of our lives.




                           WHOEVER  has a guaranteed life is the first to jump into the void. But since that is a utopia, people with their five senses well placed, will never do anything that endangers their general state of well-being, much less will do something against the people around them. Knowing how to prioritize is knowing how to give security to ourselves and to the people around us. Of the things that we should have as a fixed task and without any possibility of negotiation is, our time of reflection in the presence of God so that he ministers to us and teaches us about the times that are to come. Christ is teaching his disciples about the task of the end times before he returns the second time, and one of them is, understanding what our priorities should be.

"He who is on the roof, he must not go down to the house, nor enter to take something from his house;"

Mark 13. 15


Christ wants to have a personal encounter with every human being. We should stop that vague thought that tells us that attending church every eight days is enough. But relating to God should be a 24-7 practical exercise. Let us consider seeking God as the same need to eat and stay hydrated, just as we eat two to three times a day, in that same way it should be the way we act with our relationship with God.


"And whoever is in the field, he does not go back to take his cloak from him."


Mark 13. 16






Another priority should be the spiritual healing of our lives. Let's not go running to find what we have not lost, if today we know that we have problems at home, we run quickly to solve it. If we are aware that we have abandoned the calling that God gave us, let us not hesitate and begin to take steps to regain faith and trust in what God has given us. And, if our marriage is walking a tightrope, that is our terrace or ploughed field. Yes, tomorrow Christ returns, he finds us working on what we needed to work on and we have not abandoned, because we have understood what is our authentic priority for each one of us.


God bless you.






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God bless you and always bring revelation into your life of the Mind of Christ that is already in you.




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