26 de junio de 2021




Let us not expect to collect blessings from the adversary.

YESTERDAY we were remembering the importance of permanently remembering that we are in a spiritual war. Understanding this situation will make us remain alert against the actions of the adversary and with all authority we can say that these strategies on his part are tricks. This spiritual war has been declared against us, it is not against God, but against human beings that we are the jewel of his creation. In his infinite sovereignty, God decided to make us a little inferior to the angels and gave us the capacity for obedience, something that angels apparently do not enjoy. We can take an introspective look and consider how the adversary, in one way or another, has always sought to defeat us. The most significant thing for him is to see that he succeeds in making a Christian abandon the faith, but if he does not succeed, he will seek a way to subdue the human being by squeezing his capacity to the maximum. But the adversary cannot do anything by his own will, he must have God's approval. Let us remember the case of Job and the apostolic words that say: No temptation has come upon you that is not human; But God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted more than you can resist, but he will also give the way out, together with the temptation, so that you can endure.

“Two days later it was the Passover, and the Feast of Unleavened Bread; and the chief priests and scribes sought how to catch him by deceit and kill him."

Mark 14. 1

In this case we see how the religious had already conspired to stop the ministry of Jesus of Nazareth. No matter how well Christ did it, on their part he was already sentenced. What they had not considered is that these were God's plans. They were simply the instruments used by God so that his strategy of liberating humanity from the slavery of the adversary would be annulled and thus, return to having the fallen relationship with man.

"And they said: Not during the party so that there is no uproar in the town."

Mark 14. 2

My mother says: the devil knows more because he is old than he is wise. The tricks executed by him are always the same; Within his plan to kill, steal and destroy human beings, he fails to have a new creative ability. Then the first thing he will do is that all his actions fall on us and thus, he will try to get rid of responsibility. Then he will have another trap ready for a different reason. And so we will be passively involved in his game. In this way, we will entertain ourselves or lose the north, neglecting what really matters: worshiping God for all the good that he has done in us. Second, to extend the Kingdom of God and the Justice of him so that many other people see the love of God and finally, to be ready for the glorious return of him where we will enjoy eternal life with him. For now, let us not fall for the tricks of the adversary and resist him who will surely flee.

God bless you.



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