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When we are willing to judge and criticize, we sit on the throne of God.




                                       IT is surprising the discomfort that reading, hearing, or seeing criticisms of Christians about other Christians causes me. If it is painful to see the judgment that we pass against other Christians for being proclaiming the Gospel of Christ and, they say or do inappropriate sayings and acts, how much more disagreeable is it to see pastors and leaders attack the ministry, work and effort of other pastors or leaders all in the name of supposed sound doctrine? Does Jesus Christ and his Gospel need to be defended? The hypocrisy of religiosity has wrapped us in a silken whip that we are unable to measure the damage we inflict on ourselves by those judgments and criticisms that we make. We honestly do not know the effort that it represents for any person today to be a Christian and sustain themselves in the ministry, so that any person, mature or recently converted to the Gospel of Christ and criticize, attack, and prosecute it. In many cases, we will find ourselves killing the good honour of that person and in the worst case, we will be uttering blasphemies against the Holy Spirit of Christ.


“John answered him saying: Teacher, we have seen one who cast out demons in your name, but he does not follow us; and we forbade him, because he did not follow us.”

Mark 9. 38


A clear evidence of the manifestation of the Spirit of God in human beings is the fruits. When I turn to see the churches and the fruits of these charismatic leaders on society, in me, the criticisms and judgments dictated against a minister of God are immediately discarded. You will know them by their fruits, Jesus of Nazareth told us. So, if I see a newcomer at the feet of Christ bearing a false testimony against a Christian leader, it hurts, but I understand. However, it is incomprehensible when a respected pastor of a good church turns his teachings and videos of him on social media into a single jarring note to rant against other pastors. Please, let us be mature or newcomers to the Christian life, let us not play the role of the adversary who only comes to kill, steal, and destroy.


“But Jesus said: Do not forbid him; because there is no one who works a miracle in my name, who can later say bad about me.”


Mark 9. 39



Marcion, a renowned theologian, was highly criticized and prosecuted for his heresies. He, with his words and actions, almost led to the division of the church, but that attempt was easily extinguished and unless you run into him in history, he did not produce anything, and his actions and works are almost forgotten. Luther with his reform was likewise attacked, criticized, and prosecuted. However, five centuries later, we speak of his words and his actions accompany us. God, the Bible, and the Church are not looking for pseudo defenders. Let us love others and take care of the church. Let us not stop coming together and beware of doing the wrong that for this God gave us freedom through Jesus Christ.


God bless you.





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God bless you and always bring revelation into your life of the Mind of Christ that is already in you.


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