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Love others in the same way that you want to be loved.




                                        RECIPROCITY consists of a mutual correspondence of one person or thing with another. When we break that rule, justice is misaligned and we believe we are superior to others. The kingdom of heaven, reciprocity is a permanent constant between human beings and God. However, between God and human, history has shown that it is a complete lack of reciprocity, since God always gives more than he receives and of course, is always willing to continue giving much more, to the point of giving the life of his Son Jesus Christ as payment for the sin committed in Paradise. Our disinterest in maintaining reciprocity with both heaven and human beings, instead of giving us an advantage, leaves us in an inferior position. Let us remember the one who wants to be the first must be the last, in the same way, whoever puts himself first, putting selfishness first, will be the last.


"For he who is not against us, he is for us."


Mark 9. 40


After Jesus of Nazareth revealed to his disciples about his near death and in that deep teaching process that he had framed against them, it was time to give them a refresher on reciprocity. There were three short messages, but of such depth that the Apostle Peter was marked forever and was a matter of constant preaching. For this reason, Mark cannot put aside this teaching and wrote it so that in the twenty-first century we would enjoy this principle and learn to apply it.


"And whoever gives you a glass of water in my name, because you belong to Christ, truly I say to you that he will not lose his reward."


Mark 9. 41



Now, the religious system has taught us to give without expecting anything in return. But, that is a lie like a house, all human beings do and expect something, first from heaven and of course from those against whom we commit it. Expecting an act of gratitude or respect for those we have served is the least we want and seek. Although heaven corresponds to us with blessings that we did not expect, there is always a bad taste in our mouths when someone we have given our love through service, leaves us with a kick in the butt and we do not receive that expected reciprocity. We have to learn to let go of those wounds caused by those ungrateful that come our way in life. Let us take these bitter situations before the Cross of Calvary and leave them there, that heaven will take care of giving us the just, average and overflowing reward.


God bless you.





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God bless you and always bring revelation into your life of the Mind of Christ that is already in you.


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