25 de abril de 2021







There are conversations that do not advance because two different languages ​​are spoken.




                                        BEING out of place for not understanding what is being talked about is something that happens to me regularly. Not because he is rude or something similar, much less because he is a person who does not know about the things that happen around him, well sometimes he does. I am referring to my difficulty in understanding English culture comprehensively. For example, corporate humour, jokes  I still do not understand, therefore I cannot smile easily. The way of acting in many acts that for me are simple to solve and see how it is usually very complicated in many cases, is somewhat frustrating, for example: sometimes with a simple authorization one could advance the work, but that has to happen. signed even by the Prime Minister so to speak. But definitely what cuts me off is not understanding conversations 100%, especially when I have to talk on the phone or radio ... I have talked about having a table ready and I am looking for a tape, ha, ha, ha, what a shame but this It makes me present myself as a misplaced person on many occasions and that I do not know what is happening around me.


"They said to him: Grant us that in your glory we may sit, one at your right hand, and the other at your left."


Mark 10. 37


Let us put ourselves in context a bit, in this conversation are the sons of thunder, a nickname given by Jesus Christ himself to John and James because they want to strike Sodom and Gomorrah style at those who had not listened to them. Jesus Christ is on his way to Jerusalem for his sacrifice and he is telling them that he has to die and suffer at the hands of the leaders of the moment. It is here, when the children of Thunder when hearing that Jesus is going to die, it occurs to them to ask him something absurd for our understanding and comprehension: to be seated on the throne and glory of him next to him.


“Then Jesus said to them: You do not know what you are asking. Can you drink from the cup that I drink, or be baptized with the baptism with which I am baptized?”


Mark 10. 38



It may be that for some people the kingdom of heaven represents power and authority. However, the kingdom of Christ is much more than material things. The kingdom of Christ is to bring divine justice to all living beings and to all creation. The children of the Thunder were waiting wildly for an earthly manifestation of the Kingdom of God… that is to say, the years that Christ invested with them, and they could not understand the real message of his Gospel. Today we have the post, let us allow the vision of the kingdom of heaven to be an integral part of our lives and give glory to God of everything that we have until now.


God bless you.





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God bless you and always bring revelation into your life of the Mind of Christ that is already in you.


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