30 de abril de 2021








Do not let the ceiling, or anything, or anyone stop your prayers to God.




                                        IT is incredible how little resistance capacity is in some human beings. I have known cases of people who have prayed for the conversion of their partner for about 40 years, I have lived prayers and cries for my health before God for more than 10 years and I still do not see the answer. But our perseverance and resistance will make the difference between seeing the answers to our requests or not. Everything around us is against us. We must therefore apprehend the promises given in the Bible for all those who, understanding that we are in the condition of being children of God, can approach us before His altar and claim divine justice, understanding that our enemy is the adversary and not the people around us. Therefore, let us not stop crying out and why not, simply shout to Heaven so that our prayers may be heard and answered from heaven.


"And hearing that it was Jesus of Nazareth, he began to cry out and say: Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!"


Mark 10. 47


Jesus Christ was surrounded by a crowd of needy people and he was on his way to Jerusalem to give himself up as a sacrifice for all mankind. In the midst of this crowd, a blind beggar is waiting for someone to remember him. This blind man had never seen Jesus of Nazareth, much less could he go to the other regions where he was doing miracles, but someone, someone he knew, had to tell him about the glorious manifestation of God through Jesus Christ. And this blind man, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, begins to reveal the Davidic promise of the Messiah reincarnated in Jesus of Nazareth: Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!


"And many rebuked him to keep quiet, but he cried out much more: Son of David, have mercy on me!"


Mark 10. 48



I do not know each of the situations that we may be experiencing. But knowing a little about the actions of the adversary in our lives and because of the bad decisions we make in life, I know that our problems focus on health, finances, family, home and marriage. Each one will find their way to get rid of these conflicts through means that may be counterproductive such as drugs, alcohol, depression, sex, medications ... the list is very long. Today I just want to bring a simple invitation to our lives: let us not stop shouting and crying out "Jesus Christ we give the freedom and peace to live totally directed by you, to know how to overcome all the difficulties that we must face in life."


God bless you.





God bless you and bring revelation into your life of the Mind of Christ that is already in you. Remember to acquire the book: "HOW TO UNDERSTAND THAT PRIESTHOOD PRODUCES IN ME MAN", through this link:





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God bless you and always bring revelation into your life of the Mind of Christ that is already in you.

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