10 de abril de 2021







God is immutable no matter how much modernism and humanism wish otherwise.




                                       THE apologists for Hellenism will look for a way to keep us subjugated to their philosophies and ideologies. In a value system where everything is allowed for human beings to feel and live satisfied, regardless of what God and the values ​​of the kingdom of heaven say or say, every day is increasing and of course our religious acts endorse the decision of those who, knowing who the truth is, abandon the Way to walk in their own paths. When we think of Paradise and its mythological writing in a childish way, we think that the sin of Adam and Eve was disobedience. To some extent this is true, but this was only the symptom of the problem, because the root of the matter was self-justification. They wished not to have to render accounts to God daily for their affairs and coming to consider the possibility of “being like God”, they made an image of God for themselves and from there, the adversary's Machiavellian system took shape and developed perfectly. The problem behind this lies and that they did not know was that by leaving the guarantee that only God offers, they immediately handed it over to the adversary and to the kingdom of darkness.


"And Jesus answering, he said to them: Out of the hardness of your hearts he wrote you this commandment."


Mark 10. 5


If we really study the background of secularism and the secularization of the system, we will find that it is a good measure. But the human being with his broad desire to subjugate and oppress others, has manipulated the vulnerability of the system, and today has laws to protect the greatest aberrations that we have been able to experience as humanity. God made us men and women in his image and likeness, unfortunately today, in the secular and secular world that we live in, we have made a god in our image, contemplative, procurer and without power; in such a way and little thing is that god that he cannot and does not have a decision over humanity.


"But in the beginning of creation, male and female God made them."


Mark 10. 6



But God is an immutable, strong, powerful God, who takes care of creation and individuals, so much so that he sent his own Son Jesus Christ to remedy what was damaged in Paradise and thus, recover the dead relationship between men and women. God, reconciling and aligning Heaven with Earth. Let us not continue to be sold smoke and take the bull by the horns, show that our values ​​are those of the Kingdom of God and live according to the power of the risen Christ.


God bless you.






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God bless you and always bring revelation into your life of the Mind of Christ that is already in you.

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