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The human being is an example but will never have a comparison with God.




                                        HUMANISM and the secularization of the global system, was formed with the intention of allowing the human being to be free from the ties that did not allow him to have equal treatment over other individuals, at no time or at least as an initial idea was to separate God, the Universal Church of Christ of men and institutions made. But as is often the case with everything that human beings create, that idea has been perverted, allowing God and the kingdom of heaven to be removed from the entire global value system. Today we see how degeneration in every area is tacit and real. Unfortunately we want to recognize it or not, only a divine intervention, that is to say a miracle, could correct the wrong path that we are traveling as humanity.


"As he left to follow his path, one came running, and kneeling before him, asked him: Good Master, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?"



Mark 10. 17


The story of this young man or person who runs to meet Christ is one of the saddest I have read in the Bible. For me it is sad because he reflects many who run into the arms of Jesus of Nazareth and, being welcomed and loved, they reject the love of God for following what they consider to be the best and most appropriate for their lives. Today we see world leaders make statements of supposed faith, but their actions leave something to be desired because they do not reflect that faith that they are professing. In the same way, let's consider: we have been confined for almost a year and a half, but we only want to go out to continue with the lifestyle we led and thus, we verify that nothing has changed inside the human being.


“Jesus said to him: Why do you call me good? There is none good, but only one, God."


Mark 10.18



Only when we have proven God's love do we know that God is good. This young man from the biblical narrative knew by hearsay the love and power of God but had never experienced it, lived it and witnessed it, that is, even though he was an excellent religious and had not yet overcome the barrier of considering which was the proper Path. Today we have the opportunity to be free from the ties that prevent us from thinking of God as the only God. There is only one, God and with that, leaving the love and attachment that we have for our self-idolatry, let us recognize a Truth that is superior to us. Let us live the love of God and recognize Jesus Christ as our Saviour and Redeemer.


God bless you.




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God bless you and always bring revelation into your life of the Mind of Christ that is already in you.


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