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The tests make us harder or more mature. A. Selma.




                                       NOBODY likes to go through difficult situations and make decisions during them. That X factor that very few enjoy, easily lead them to transform adrenaline into endorphin, which causes them a certain enjoyment and pleasure of living these types of circumstances. On the other hand, those of us who lack this factor X, adrenaline turns into lactic acid and this acid causes muscle aches, nausea, and vomiting. I am not a coward, but I have verified the consequences of having lactic acid in my body because of experiencing difficult and extreme situations, having to make cold decisions and in many cases without the possibility of considering the future consequences of those decisions. On the other hand, my wife Ani del Rio, is a lover of adrenaline and risky situations, I see how she enjoys this and how she can maintain that lifestyle, always at the limit. The question is that until we test, we will not know what fibre we are made of, will we endure those extreme and difficult situations? Or on the contrary, will we be oysters covered in layers so that nothing happens to us?


"For all will be salted with fire, and all sacrifices will be salted with salt."


Mark 9. 49


About reciprocity, we can understand that the kingdom of heaven expects us to pass the tests that are presented to us in life. It is useless to say that we are brave and hardworking if we have never lived it. In any case, in the kingdom of Christ, courageous is he who has given his own life in sacrifice in the same way that our Master, Jesus of Nazareth, did. I cannot assure you that Jesus Christ had the X factor that I mentioned before, but we are sure that he had the factor of faith above all things, to overcome all the tests that he had to live in life.


“Good is the salt; more if the salt becomes insipid, what will you season it with? Have salt in yourselves; and have peace with one another. "

Mark 9. 50



We are the salt and light of this world. We must pass tests in all our environments and with it, be testimonies of the truth of Christ living in each one of us. The family, work, the economy, in short ... all these are the places to show that we have passed these tests and filled with the X factor and overloaded with the Faith factor, we must live look for the stature of Christ and thus be salt and light in the middle from the darkness of this society and system. We must consider that all these tests and factors will lead us to be purified before God.



God bless you.




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God bless you and always bring revelation into your life of the Mind of Christ that is already in you.

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