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By seeking the wrong goal we deviate from the heavenly purpose for our lives.




                                        ALL human beings are servants by nature. We have the DNA of God and Jesus of Nazareth taught us what it means to serve: to give ourselves for others without expecting anything in return. We are human beings and God does not seek any more sacrifices because in Christ all the sacrifices were paid. So what do we lack today for us? We have to clarify concepts in our minds so that we will understand what it means to serve.


- Serving is giving ourselves to others without expecting any change

- To serve is to allow the Holy Spirit to act in our lives, guiding us and teaching us how we should act.

- We serve to interact with the church at the service of the Church.

- All human beings, in one way or another, serve others.


"But many who are first will be last, and the last first."


Mark 10. 31


When we live this lifestyle, putting others first, the kingdom of heaven is aligned with our lives and everything that we are investing or sowing will inevitably bear fruit. When we decide to lead a life of service, we know that we are going to give everything possible so that human beings achieve the same grace and favour that we have received from heaven through Jesus Christ and the launching of the Holy Spirit inhabiting in each one of us makes it possible for the glorification of God the Father.


“They were on the road going up to Jerusalem; and Jesus went ahead, and they were amazed, and followed him in fear. Then taking the twelve aside again, he began to tell them the things that were to happen to him. "


Mark 10. 32



I am not saying that leading a life of service is easy and the happiest thing in the world. In the art of serving, acts will happen to us that we never considered would happen to us. Acts of gratitude and happiness will occur, but also, of pain, frustration and disgrace. But God promised us that whatever we sow we will reap. Today what we live and have is the accumulation of what we have sown, honour for glory and dishonour for misery. Let us give our whole life to God and in intimate communion, let him act in us.


God bless you.





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God bless you and always bring revelation into your life of the Mind of Christ that is already in you.


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