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Not letting ourselves be carried away by the currents of this century passes by having clear convictions of the kingdom of God in our lives.




                                       TODAY more than ever we see how marriage has become a mere procedure, losing the value that God gave it in Paradise. When God unites that first couple that we usually call Adam and Eve, he made them with the firm intention that they would live eternally together. Thus, mythological history teaches us that during the millennium they lived, they never separated. Perhaps, sixty-five years of marriage between struggles, tests, ruptures that any type of couples can normally experience, have not Adam and Eve had them equally in their thousand years of life? Of course, yes, perhaps after the expulsion from Paradise, could it be that there were no claims between the two? Now the woman will have her children with much more pain and the man will cultivate the land with greater effort, just because they believed in the self-justification offered by the adversary. They changed the guarantor of their lives; they went from God to the adversary and this upset the entire Universe. Of course, the world would also change forever.


"He, answering, said to them: What did Moses command you?"


Mark 10. 3


Jesus Christ trying to teach that bad habits have nothing to do with the divine mandate, but quite the opposite, to satisfy the desires of human beings, there are traditions that we perpetuate despite being counterproductive against ourselves and against the environment that surrounds us. For example, in some Latin American countries the marriage contract expires every six months. This measure is good at some point, but is this the will of God? Love must be cultivated daily, and I say this from experience, if it is not done, marriage can be highly infected with the currents of this century. Getting out of this well is very difficult, only divine intervention can get us out of there and put us on the firm Rock: Jesus Christ.


"They said: Moses allowed to give a bill of divorce, and to put it away."


Mark 10. 4



Today we do not say Moses gives us permission, but we announce that the constitution and civil rights guarantee us to divorce. I know that there are unsustainable situations and that there is no way to repair them: physical and psychological violence, for example, both against the partner and against the family, but each case should be known. God is a God of thousands of opportunities because he discards us the first time, nor the second or fifth ... God always knows what he must do. We are living beings who are not willing to provide the same opportunities that God gives us. Let us open our hearts, minds, and souls to listen to God, removing bad habits from our lives and show that Christ lives in us.


God bless you.






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God bless you and always bring revelation into your life of the Mind of Christ that is already in you.


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