11 de abril de 2021







Looking for problems is very simple, but getting out of them is the complicated thing in life.




                                        WHEN we want to be seduced, we are not consistent with what will come after that seduction. Whether on a physical or spiritual level, we ourselves open unnecessary doors to the adversary and to the kingdom of darkness. Seduction not only encompasses the physical attraction that we may feel towards another person other than our partner, it obviously includes the thoughts of this century impregnated with the evil that manifests the false justice of the human being and that has nothing to do with the will of God. . The current of this century or the system of human values, are a correct interpretation of what is considered divine justice, because pretending to speak of God, they show love for the god man, simply following the whims of a few.


"For this reason a man will leave his father and his mother, and will be united to his wife"



Mark 10. 7


Yesterday I had the great opportunity to share with my son Juan. We talk about the conflicts in the couple and how the desire of the human being is to have an idyllic marriage, without arguments, disputes or any type of altercation between the two, but as I said, that is a lie. When there are no differences in a couple, it is possibly because one of them has been annulled by the other, which turns this same situation into a psychological and dominating violence of a human being over others. In other words, it is a peaceful violence that does not use arguments or allegations but mistreats dignity.


“And the two will be one flesh; so there are no longer two, but one. Therefore, what God has joined together, man must not separate.”


Mark 10. 8-9



The problem in a marriage is to take lightly the vows that were made at the beginning of the relationship. Loving, respecting, caring for, protecting, from strangers and of course from oneself. I am not an easy person to deal with, my mood has little stamina, perhaps due to diabetes. I show my insecurities with screaming and sometimes involuntary handcuffs. However, if I recognize the promises I made to Ani del Rio: to fight for her happiness and love her all my life. After every problem, of this promise I apprehend myself. We are one body even if a misunderstanding separates us. In 2007 I made the following promise: but I and my house will serve God Joshua 24: 5c. And I also hold on to this promise, waiting for the miracle of God to sustain us and keep us together even in eternity.


God bless you.





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God bless you and always bring revelation into your life of the Mind of Christ that is already in you.


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