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One mouth, two ears for something.




                                        AS human beings we are prepared to bear fruit because we are God's creation. But, many times we are going to miss out on the blessing for talking too much. The Apostle James said that the tongue was a small member capable of causing a fire. Solomon in Proverbs said that soft response calms anger. I understand that it is very easy to lose control in stressful situations or when we are being bullied. However, it is just in those moments that we should ask the Holy Spirit of Christ for wisdom, so that he will make us speak and act according to the example that Jesus Christ gave us. We will not always control our actions and sayings, but it is important that as we mature, we act according to the Mind of Christ that is already in us. Knowing how to speak is also for those times when tests are to come.


“They brought it to him; and he said to them: Who owns this image and the inscription? They said to him: From Caesar."


Mark 12. 16


Jesus of Nazareth was characterized by spending entire hours looking for God's guidance and thus, at the precise moment, he gave the necessary answers to leave surprised, convinced and comforted all those who not only sought him to prove it but to receive the advice of he. In the same way, we who have the Holy Spirit must know how to give wise answers just as Jesus Christ gave them.


“Answering Jesus, he said to them: Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's. And they marvelled at him."


Mark 12. 17



Knowing what to speak and how to speak is a divine gift. We will therefore have to cry out to God so that the Mind of Christ is activated and we can act as his Holy Spirit tells us. We cannot calculate how important are words of welcome in a church for a newcomer, to apologize in a timely manner to those we have offended, to verbally bless the people around us every morning, to say I love you, or stop, or advance to our relatives, friends in short ... we have to say and do with wisdom and understanding to show that Christ lives in each one of us.


God bless you.





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God bless you and always bring revelation into your life of the Mind of Christ that is already in you.




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