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Let us stop looking in the wrong place, only in Christ will we find everything we need.




                                        THE art of serving has to be learned, therefore it is something to be cultivated. In the Christian life, service is part of our lifestyle. Therefore, when God entrusts us with a concrete action, we will have to learn to differentiate between if it is once or if it has to be done continuously. For example, when the people of Israel sinned against God in the desert, they were attacked by snakes. As a result, God told Moses that he will lift a copper snake on a pole, when some of them suffered an attack and was bitten, by looking at the copper snake they were healed and cured. The problem arose that this copper serpent was for a specific time, but the people of Israel turned that contraption into an element of the sanctuary and it was not until four centuries later in Josiah's reform that this copper serpent was not eliminated. In the Christian life, we make the same mistake, on many occasions God gives us an order for a specific moment, but we make it eternal, we simply make it common, we make it part of our lifestyle.


And if someone were to say to you: Why do you do that? say that the Lord needs it, and then He will give it back."


Mark 11. 3


God himself, in the person of Jesus Christ, gave specific orders to the disciples about what they should do in a possible unknown population among people who did not know who they were. Let me boldly extrapolate this verse to today: Jesus Christ asks a couple of his disciples to take the neighbour’s car without asking permission, much less borrowing it. The only solution he gives them is: if someone asks them why are they taking the car? Say: why does God need it! And they, in their eagerness, loyalty and faith in God, go and take the car and say: “We will return it!


"They went, and found the colt tied outside the door, at the bend in the road, and they untied it."


Mark 11. 4



In the kingdom of heaven we do not have secondary roles, in the kingdom of Christ, we are all important for its extension. The main role will always be God's, because he is: "the author and finisher of faith" and all we have to do is obey God. The disciples probably returned the donkey and did not take another and another donkey again with the excuse: "God needs it." This was a concrete and exact fact. This was not an act for life. We have to learn to have a very close relationship with the Spirit of God and thus obey him every time he gives us an order, acting on a concrete fact.


God bless you.




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God bless you and always bring revelation into your life of the Mind of Christ that is already in you.




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