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When we sow, we want to reap, at no time do we pretend to leave empty-handed.




                                       THE house of fruits is the translation of the word Bethany when consulting it from the Hebrew. There is a phrase that dangerously brings us closer to being very liars, and it is: "I do this without expecting anything in return." Everything we do in life, good or bad, will bear fruit. Therefore, although we fill ourselves with grandiose phrases when we utter that we do not expect anything, we do, because within us are the gifts of the sowing and the harvest. These gifts were given to us when God breathed (Ruach) the breath of life from him into all human beings. So, if we as human beings hope to reap when we have sown, how much more would God have to be waiting for, who gave himself as a ransom for all past, present, and future humanity?


“And Jesus entered Jerusalem, and into the temple; and having looked around at all things, as he was already evening, he went to Bethany with the twelve."


Mark 11. 11


Apparently, Jesus Christ expected to find fruit in Jerusalem because she had been given so much. But when Christ arrived at the temple, what did he find? We could see the answer between the lines, therefore, finding nothing, that same afternoon he travelled the five and a half kilometres that separate Jerusalem from Bethany, apparently to find in the house of the fruit, what his being was looking for.


"The next day, when they left Bethany, he was hungry."


Mark 11. 12



Did Christ find what he was looking for in Bethany? Did Jesus Christ find any good fruit in Jerusalem? What will happen today when God comes and demands fruits from us? Are we prepared for God to use us and bear fruit that will satisfy the hunger of the rest of humanity? Can the people around us find the image of Christ in us acting on his behalf? How clear do we have the panorama of our existence so that we are those trees that both God and others can trust?


God bless you.




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God bless you and always bring revelation into your life of the Mind of Christ that is already in you.




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