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Being qualified to preach is knowing how to give answers to the questions of the human being.




                                        AS a theologian I learned that the answer to humanity's greatest question I can never give. Therefore, I know that as a professional I have failed in my career. However, as a child of God who has the support of Heavenly Father through his Holy Spirit, I know that I will present the best answer to the existential emptiness of the individual: separation in his relationship with Heavenly Father, founded on Jesus Christ.  As Christians we have to be prepared to solve the questions that are presented to us: how to achieve salvation? After giving life to Christ what? Etc. But, questions such as the specific treatment of the rapture, the Trinity, the eternal life, we can give assumptions because we do not know exactly what will happen. We believe that the Holy Spirit guides and reveals us, but it does not mean that it is a straitjacket for God's final response. For example, today we hear many prophets talking about the imminent coming of Jesus Christ, they even give specific dates, totally outside the biblical approach, so did God fail to speak to this human being? Or was it the inner emotions of this that I want to talk about?


"Then the Sadducees came to him, saying that there is no resurrection, and they asked him, saying."


Mark 12. 18


Everything that happened to Jesus of Nazareth, most likely we will also experience. For that, we are left with the Testimony, the Q, the synoptic Gospels and John so that we learn what we have to do in certain situations that will be very similar, as Jesus Christ lived. On this occasion a religious group from his time came to Jesus to test him. This would not be easy, but Jesus Christ was ready.


“Master, Moses wrote to us that if someone's brother dies and leaves a wife, but leaves no children, that her brother marries her, and raise offspring to her brother. There were seven brothers; the first took a wife, and died without leaving any offspring. And the second married her, and died, and left no offspring; and the third, in the same way. And so, the seven, and they left no offspring; and last of all the woman also died. In the resurrection, then, when they rise again, whose wife will she be, since the seven had her as their wife? "


Mark 11. 14



And are we prepared to give convincing answers? Is our relationship with Heavenly Father so intense that we know how to give answers guided by his Holy Spirit? How far are we willing to go with our relationship with God.


God bless you.





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God bless you and always bring revelation into your life of the Mind of Christ that is already in you.




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