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Let us not expect to pick lemons in an apple tree.




                                       AS human beings we are prepared to bear fruit because we are God's creation. Unfortunately, in some cases and due to external circumstances, there are individuals who only know how to bear bad fruit in their lives. There are people who only know how to deal with violence and through it, they get everything. Obviously, everything that surrounds them is guided by that trend or lifestyle. In such cases, only a miracle can free them from such evil. We know the case of the young man proclaimed, "the murderer of the Katana", who one day devastated the lives of his sister and his parents. Today, Brother José Rabadán has been reconciled with God and with himself. Today, Joseph left behind that dark past, which although he is aware that it will mark him for his whole life, he uses his life to preach Christ and teach the new generations that the God of power who liberated the people of Israel, has released. Joseph went from bearing bad fruit to bearing fruit of abundance in his life for the extension of the kingdom of Christ.


"And seeing from afar a fig tree that had leaves, he went to see if perhaps he found something in it; but when he got to it, he found nothing but leaves, for it was not the time for figs."


Mark 11. 13


At any moment of our existence, believers or not, God will call us and see our lives and ask us to bear fruit. In this case, Christ was hungry and, observing that the fig tree falsely appeared to bear fruit, he approached it to take something. Jesus of Nazareth, within his humanity had the same physiological needs that we can have. So, and knowing that he was not going to take anything from her, he had a tremendous teaching not only for the disciples, but for ourselves. It may be that God approaches us to ask us for fruits even though he knows we do not have them, but if God cannot do it, then why his sovereignty?


"Then Jesus said to the fig tree: Never ever eat any fruit of you. And his disciples heard it."


Mark 11. 14



Today we are the disciples who are listening to this teaching. God at any time can come to claim the good fruits that we must demonstrate, what will happen if God does not find fruits and good fruits in us? Sincerely I do not know. But what I have very clear is not wanting to hear in the mouth of God the words: "No one ever takes fruit from you." For this reason, I affirm and confirm that the key for God to obtain fruits in us in time and outside of this time, is the intimate relationship with his Holy Spirit, he is the one who guides us and supports us.


God bless you.





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God bless you and always bring revelation into your life of the Mind of Christ that is already in you.




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