16 de mayo de 2021







From heaven they can ask us where our authority comes from.




                                       THE purpose of the adversary over human beings is clear: to kill, steal and destroy. We also know that the adversary is defeated, for Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary exposed him and destroyed his entire kingdom. So why does Satan act in our lives? And although we do not like to admit it, it is because we give it authority over us. In other words, we open doors that we should not have and even knowing that we must close others, we do not. Thus, and in this way, God is the one who should have exclusive authority over our lives, because God is the author and finisher of authority itself. God the Heavenly Father gave authority to Jesus of Nazareth, his Son; in the same way, Jesus Christ gives us all authority over all dominion and power. But it is up to us that the adversary is without authority in our lives.


“Then they returned to Jerusalem; and as he walked in the temple, the chief priests, the scribes, and the elders came to him."


Mark 11. 27


When we learn to read the Bible, we know that it has multiple ways of speaking to us. The apostle said: the word of God is alive, and it is effective. In this way, we have interpreted that the Bible always tells us different things each time we read it. In this case, we see how the principals of the temple, in other words, the authorities, tried against Jesus of Nazareth. In this way, we can question the authority with which the adversary comes to attack and destroy us in life. The best we can do is to declare in front of the adversary's wardrobe and to him: you have no authority over our lives!


"And they said to him: By what authority do you do these things, and who gave you authority to do these things?"


Mark 11. 28



Let us keep in mind: who has our authority is Jesus Christ! God is the one who gives us authority through Jesus Christ and by the direct action of the Holy Spirit in us. Let us stand on the Rock of Salvation, recognizing that only Jesus Christ is the ruler in our lives. We do not give the adversary more permission to steal, kill and destroy us. Let us close the doors and root out everything that should not be in us.


God bless you.





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God bless you and always bring revelation into your life of the Mind of Christ that is already in you.




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